Wednesday, 16 December 2015

My Makeup Revolution Obsession

Makeup Revoultion Palette - Blush in Golden Sugar 

So I was a late bloomer on the make-up front. I didn't really wear much make-up through out my teenage years, other then the required roll on glitter at the school discos. My first look was too much eyeliner and some pale foundation (emo look anyone?), whether it was day or night, that was my look. I slowly dabbled in my make-up more and more and my collection took a turn when I discovered Youtube and learned how to apply eyeshadow without giving myself the appearance of a black eye, how to apply product to my cheeks in order to fake some sort of facial definition and most importantly how to fill in my almost inviable alien brows!

Anyways, back story covered, modern day I have a massive make-up obsession. I have tried products from many difference brands, both high end and high street, and I can honestly say without any shadow of a doubt that make-up revolution is my favourite brand out there. Granted I'm not a fan of their liquid products; lipsticks, foundation, nail varnish, for those I have my favourites else where. But they're palettes are PERFECTION!

From the blush palettes, to the eyeshadows, from the contour to the highlight, I reach for these over any other product I've tried. The products are between £4 and £8 which is nothing in comparison to what I've spent on some of my palettes. They also always come with a perfectly massive mirror which just makes them feel so much higher end.

If you're interested in any individual reviews let me know in the comments, but If you're still sceptical just go pick up one palette, you won't be disappointed. I have 12 so, yeah.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas Decorations Haul

So I've been a little quiet on the blogging front recently, but not for any other reason then that I'm completely head over heels for Youtube! Since passing my first 1k I've been working hard on editing, filming and all that jazz, so blog photographer has kinda taken the back seat (although the love is still there).

Here's my last video, a little christmas decorations haul. This is a bit of a random video, but this month I've been determined to have the perfect Christmas. I moved into an amazing flat back in July, meaning that this year I have the space have my very own Christmas tree, and I am going all out!

However if you're more of a fan of the written word, I'm going to have some fab little beauty posts coming you're way soon, because I love make-up obviously, not because it's cole and I don't want to 'model' in the rain, I promise.


Thursday, 1 October 2015

A Little Brighton Round Up & September Favourites

So recently, I've been very busy. I've been away having adventures among the tree with my friends in centre parks, I've as a cheeky little trip to Brighton and the amazing Artist Residence Hotel, as well as a little trip to Birmingham. I think I totalled about 10 hours on trains in one week! All in all its been like a two week holiday from real life which was amazing, but ya know what, I missed my blog and youtube a hell of a lot! I actually planned on doing some blog pictures down in Brighton but it rained the whole time! Don't worry, here's a few little images for your eyes to peruse anyway... 

A Little Brighton Round Up
A Little Brighton Round Up
A Little Brighton Round Up
A Little Brighton Round Up
A Little Brighton Round Up

If you're planning a little trip down to Brighton any time soon, make sure you check out the Artist Residence, I am honestly in love! Every room is so unique and the perfect mixture of modern, arty, edgy, retro and about 10 other adjectives. It also has the cutest little cafe and cocktail bar, with a tried and tested amazing green tea cocktail. (No Sponsor)

If your interested in hearing me ramble on about Brighton a bit more, feel free to watch my September Favourites...

Monday, 28 September 2015

That 70s Show

That 70s Show - Outfit - Pale Aesthetic
That 70s Show - Outfit - Pale Aesthetic
That 70s Show - Outfit - Pale Aesthetic

So life has been on fast forward for the past few weeks, it started with the perfect blogger day; with a champaign breakfast at Kettners with the make-up brand T.LeClerc, followed by a photography sesh in hyde park with the lovely Jess from lookwhatIgot (Which, FYI was the first time I have ever had a someone take pictures of me who wasn't forced into doing it.) Followed by ALL THE PIZZA, which was topped off by an afternoon of editing, resulting in these very stylish blog pictures. Thank you very much!

For the first time in my life I am confident enough with my blog to walk up to a random person and be like "Hey, I have an awesome blog, do you wanna check it out?" Like honestly, I wouldn't actually do that but you get the picture. There's still plenty of arm flapping and double chinned grump looking faces behind the scenes of this blog, but I never would of even of considered going to a public place with another blogger and "modelling" my own styling for the a camera before now. If you tried to make me do that a year ago I would of ran away from you, quite literally. But now, I actually have a blog which I feel expresses my personal style and photography! Yipee!

So hey, leaps and bounds are happening around here, so make sure you >> Follow, because Im not done growing here yet!

 Top/Dress - Zara // Denim Skirt - Miss Selfridge // Snake Boots - Faith

Thursday, 10 September 2015

My Chloe Drew Bag Dupe

My Chloe Drew Bag Dupe


I am a sucker for good dupe, so as promised heres my latest little find! These are always my most popular posts, because I think all my readers seem to share the same tight pockets yet love for designer fashion I have! It sometimes sucks being a lover of the fashion industry and a budding stylist/shoot coordinator that's still striving for that massive designer income... sigh.

I know sometimes people get quite annoyed when someone rips off a high end design, but lets all think of it this way... if I was fortunate enough to lead a designer lifestyle, I would 100% buy the real Chloe Drew bag, even with dupes on the market.

Buying a designer bag is buying into a piece of luxury and a label name. You're proud of your arm candy, which signifies your success, and wealth. However there is no denying the huge gap between the high street and high end handbag market, so if you are in love with a piece of design why shouldn't you be able to buy a cheaper copy? At this point you are buying this for a completely different reason, you simply love the design, and understand you are sacrificing the brand image that comes with the 'real' deal. Loving design shouldn't be frown upon, because to me buying a designer bag is more than buying the design.

All that being said... Look at it! After drooling over the Chloe Drew for many many month, I just so happened to come across this for a penny saving £14.45! It has the same chain strap that attaches to the bag by knotting the metal, and the little poll clasp. Unfortunately the little clasp does struggle to stay in place, but the bag doesn't actually need this to stay shut, it's just a lovely piece of design. It obviously lacks the luxury feel and the engraved name of the real deal, but you should expect that with any dupe (if it has the brand name that's when it becomes a fake in my opinion as appose to a dupe). It's also available in red, which I have spent weeks resisting, but if you don't want to resist you can get it here.

My Chloe Drew Bag Dupe

Monday, 7 September 2015

9 Tips For Finding The Best Bits In Primark - Primark Haul

Off The Shoulder Top - Primark // Cord Skirt - Primark // Tights - Primark // Boots - Faith


So I have a talent, a talent to find things in primark that don't look like they came from Primark. No I don't mean to offend, there nothing wrong with shopping in Primark but, I love the moment when you're wearing something and someone goes "Oh I love your - Insert desired clothing item here - where's it from?" and you reply with "Oh it was £8 from Primark" and are met with gasps and everyone in the surround area dropping to their knees to bow at the feet of your amazing bargain fashion skills. 

Okay, I'm not that arrogant, but I do set aside a monthly budget, no more than the price of a dress from other hight street stores to go to Primark and see what I can find. It's fun to feel like you got a little bargin, but there are some rules to follow to find the best pieces....

1. Try and find out what day they get new stock in. When I was at uni, the Birmingham one got it's stock in on the wednesday, meaning all the best bits were there in ALL the sizes.

2. Go to Selfridges. If you didn't know, Primark is stocked in Selfridges, but only the 'top picks', so in other words, all the best bits, organised and easy to see.

3. Try things on! I know the queues are long and the changing rooms sweaty, but £10 on a dress that doesn't fit, is still £10 wasted.

4. Look for dupes of things you want from other stores. Don't just go in all guns blazin looking for anything cheap, go in with things in mind. Whether thats the Topshop Pinafore you've been lusting after or those ASOS dungarees. (currently Primark has dupes for both)

5. Ask yourself 'would I buy this for twice the price?' If the answers no, it's not worth it. Even if it's only £4.

6. Follow them on Instagram, they post all their best bits, and re-share bloggers looking amazing in things you never would of looked twice at otherwise.

7. Check out the denim, recently I have got a lot of jeans and dungarees from Primark that fit amazing. I used to stear away from it, but they have seriously upped their game.

8. Stock up on tights and socks. Primark tights are honestly my fave, they fit well and don't fall down throughout the day, get them, you won't regret it.

9. Avoid thick jumpers or wool skirts. I always find the wool bobbles really quickly and gets all out of shape, so only go for the oversized wool items, which will look got a bit misshapen.

Now I know I've just made shopping in Primark into a military operation, well guys, it is. Walking in with rose tinted glasses on about how cheap everything is, can sometimes see you walking out £100 worse off with nothing you're actually ever gonna wear.

Right now (as I have said 100 times) I am into the 70's trends, and the store with plastered with burn orange tees and A line skirts so I was in my element. So much so, that I decided to Haul al my purchases below... Enjoy! 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Obsessive Compulsive Shopping Addiction - Autumn Boots


After an intense and quite frankly disappointing bidding war on Ebay over a pair of last years Topshop snake print boots, (Which if you can't guess, I lost) I have been obsessively scouring the internet for a pair of snake print boots.

When I get something in my head that I want but can't have, I become a bit haunted with the idea that I cannot rest until I own it. Whether that's something that's gone out of stock online, losing out on something I wanted on Ebay, or just inventing something in my head that doesn't exist and having the overwhelming desire to track down a dupe to my imaginary product, if I can't have it I want it more. This leads me to do crazy things like keeping the tab open of an out of stock product on my computer for a week constantly refreshing the page hoping that one might just pop back in stock in my size, or spending every evening googling "Snake Print Boots" and continually clicking on every link on the first page, in the hope someone might of invented my dream boots that day. Please say other people do this.

Yes, I literally googled everyday. I wanted ankle boots but ones that came up a bit above your ankle and had the print on the heel too, also they had to be a nice neutral colour so I could wear them with EVERYTHING, and hey presto here we are!

Okay before you contact some sort of therapist for the obsessive compulsive shopping addiction I just described, lets just stare at this little A/W beauties for a while! Faith is not a brand I shop with, and Debenhams is not a store I really venture into but they are perfect. They are soooo comfy, I have worn them none stop and theres not a strain or blister in sight. They are completely true to size and so easy to walk in and you need them... now.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Neckerchiefs & (K)NeeHighs

Neckerchiefs & KneeHighs - Pale Aesthetic

Neckerchiefs & KneeHighs - Pale Aesthetic

Neckerchiefs & KneeHighs - Pale Aesthetic

I'm gonna start by saying that this is the worlds most comfy dress. It's literally just a massive oversized tee with a matching waist tie, and it has managed to shoot up to my most worn piece of clothing! I got it in a Large because I wanted it to be massive, but take note, it is already over sized so get your actually size because this is huge! I was gonna team with some cute heeled sandals but then weather happened, and it was cold so I chickened out.

SHOUT OUT TO NECKERCHIEFS for being my new obsession! Seriously predicting some strong western vibes this A/W and maybe a little bit of military too.

Fashion part over, lets talk being an adult. At what age would you consider someone grown up? Because I'm pretty sure I am fully grown and all that jazz. I mean I'm independent, got my London pad, buy just as much home ware as I do clothing, yet I can still manage to watch 5 seasons of an hour long tv show in a week. I'm currently toying with the idea of adding this to my CV, because it shows dedication right?  Or is it just me avoiding adult responsibly.

Dress* - ZNU // Neckerchief - Vintage // Boots - Ebay


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Rebecca Minkoff Marble Bag

The Rebecca Minkoff Marble Bag

The Rebecca Minkoff Marble Bag

Say hello to my soulmate, her name is Rebecca. I've been obsessed with Rebeca Minkoff bags for a while now, specifically the marble print ones (shout out to my inner minimalist) and also this bag has already been glued to my side for about a month, I thought it was time for her formal introduction. 

This is as close as I am going to get to a 'designer' bag right now. I paid around £145 thanks to my good friend, which although is somewhere north of my usual spend on bags, I thought it was about time I had a little treat. I don't have much to say because pictures speak 1000 words, so I'm sure you can see her beauty without me personifying this bag any further!

If you've stopped by before, you know my obsession for designer bags runs deep. And although I would do several morally questionable things for a Celine or Chloe bag right now, I'm just going to have to settle for dupes of those two...(That may of been a hint at next weeks post, get your pom poms ready it's exciting.)

If you're a nosey little so and so, like I am, then you're probably curious what I carry around with my on the daily. Don't worry I covered that...

The Rebecca Minkoff Marble Bag

side note: I brought a cactus and its on steroids or something because it is out of control in size and now I don't know what to do with it? He didn't feature in the pictures above, because he's too beastly.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Step Into The 70s

Step Into The 70s - Miss Selfridge Denim Skirt - Pale Aesthetic

Step Into The 70s - Miss Selfridge Denim Skirt - Pale Aesthetic

So, I've had a little style revamp recently as mentioned in my previous post, meaning that yellow is my new best friend. If you did a shot for every piece of yellow clothing I've brought in the last month, I'd be carrying you home, slowly tripping up each other on the way.

On that rather teenage note, I actually wore this outfit out and about town recently for a night in Queens of Hoxton, something I don't do as much anymore, due to being old (22 is old right!?). And in all my years of hardcore university nights, I learnt a huge life lesson - that this night I chose to ignore - and I am going to share that with you today... If you can't walk in shoes, don't wear them out clubbing. If you could only see the bruise that these shoes are coving up on my knee! Don't get me wrong, I can rock heels with the best of them, but these do that annoying heel slipping out the shoe thing with every step, meaning my walk through Shoreditch landed me head over heels on the ground. Don't you worry, I stood right back up and took a bow.

Now that we've had a short laugh at my expense, I thought I would leave you on a more fashionable note... If you don't already own an A-line denim skirt; 1) Where have you been, and 2) Get one, they literally go with everything.

Top - H&M // Skirt - Miss Selfridge // Shoes - Ebay // Bag  - Vintage.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Tuesday Wishlist - 70's Vibes

ASOS Wishlist, 70's Vibes

So, I'm a minimal kinda gal, but recently I have been full blown embracing this 70's vibes. When a new stylish era hits the high street, I get a little bit too excited (Shout out to my 2013/14's 90's obsession!) and suddenly loose all sense of my previous style and reinvent myself. Why the hell not!? Fashion is all about having fun and there is nothing funner then rocking up to an event wearing something no one would ever expect you to wear. So for now, my monochrome is in remission, while the warm yellows and earthy oranges take centre stage in my wardrobe.

P.S. ASOS you are killing it right now! You know a stylist is good when you don't just want the one item you're looking at, you need the whole outfit, hence the reason these 3 WHOLE OUTFITS are on my wishlist! 

Shop My Wishlist! (Just don't buy the last size 10's, cheers!)

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

How To Start A Youtube Channel - From One Beginner To Another!

How To Start A Youtube Channel - Pale Aesthetic

So, I've been toying with the idea of starting a youtube channel for quite sometime now. I honestly watch Youtube more than I watch normal TV and it just looks like so much fun. I love how transparent it is, on blogs it's a little bit harder to get a true representation of somebody, they could model with the best of them but in real life they might not be the type of person you want to admire. Youtube however, gives you an insight into peoples world (Even through its edited and a faction of someones day) it give you a real grasp of what that persons like, what they find funny, and that's what I LOVE about it!  

I never ever imagined my channel would get off to such a good start. I mean I am almost at 1000 subscribers after just 3 videos! I thought I would have maximum 50 by this point! So, because of this, I wanted to 
share my personal tips for how to start your own youtube channel, from one beginner to another...

1) Have a Theme.

Before you start, decide what you want to be. Whether you want to showcase your music, do comedy sketches, get drunk in every video, play games, or be a beauty/fashion youtuber. There are so many options but you need to define yourself. This might sound restrictive, but when starting something new you need to know who you are targeting, in order to keep your first followers interested.

2) Talk Out Loud Everyday

When you first sit in front of a camera to film, the words might not come out. It took me so long to talk above a whisper because It just felt so unnatural. Start narrating the things you do, this doesn't have to be in front of someone, but maybe when you're putting on your make-up in the morning or choosing your outfit. Talk as if you are telling someone what you are doing, this sounds soooooo silly but it will make it feel more normal when you have to do it in front of a camera.

3) Personalise Your Thumbnails.

Every video needs a thumbnail, it makes it so much more attractive to click on then just a random screen grab from your video. The best channels I follow have a consistant look, with the same kind of image and font in every video. Try and decide this before you start otherwise you first videos will look dated very fast when they don't match your newer ones.

4) Be Part Of The Community 

So you're new to youtube, no one knows who you are, so you need to put yourself out there. It's all well and good posting a video, tweeting a link and posting it on Instagram, but theres a whole community already in youtube. Every time you watch a video leave a comment. This doesn't have to be an aggressive "COME SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL" just leave a something thoughtful about the video (these comments get interacted with the most) and sooner or later people will start to recognise your icon and click through.

5) Do Tags

Like I said before, no one knows who you are when you first start, so maybe don't do a super unique video because it won't be found. Instead start with Tags like 'What's In My Bag Tag' or 'The TMI Tag' these are things people regularly search for, so you are more likely to be discovered!

6) Just Film (It took me 5 videos to have to courage to upload my first) 

The hardest bit about starting a channel is have the courage to film. I can almost guarantee you that you will film your first video, take one look at it and go, "Nope I am not cut out for this". My biggest thing was not being able to watch myself on camera and focusing on all my imperfections (take this from a girl with a lisp) watching yourself is hard! Don't let that put you off, play around with lighting, camera angles, and just keep recording yourself, once you get past seeing yourself on camera, you will start to see the good things in your video, and ignore the bad, that honestly only you will notice.

I hope these tips helped all of you thinking of starting up a channel! They are honestly the things I have followed to kick off mine, and although they may seem small, they make all the difference. If you have any tips of your own, comment them down below! Check out my channel below by clicking on the images and subscribe because I am almost at 1000 subscribers! Ahhhhhh! :) 

How To Start A Youtube Channel - Pale Aesthetic

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

World's Cheesiest T-Shirt

Junk Food Top, SheInside, Pale Aesthetic
Junk Food Top, SheInside, Pale Aesthetic

Today I have a little throwback for you all. I was recently scrolling through my camera and came across this little number, that I never post from my holiday to Barcelona back in May. So, I thought it would the perfect post to start August off with, because ya' know it's a t-shirt covered in junk food, in a stunning sunny location, what more do you want?!

Who else gets super sad coming across old holiday photos and then looking out the window and realising you're surrounded by miserable british weather? Honestly though, I hate change so I would never want to live anywhere but the here even if the rain ruins my hair on a daily basis.

I haven't got too much to say today, because life's a bit of a whirlwind right now, but if you click one of the icons under my profile picture, you might just discover one of the reasons my blogs been a bit quiet the past month ;)
Top - SheInside // Skirt - Forever21 // Sunglasses - Primark

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Friday, 10 July 2015

"Gemma Your Eyes Are Closed Again"

Therapy T-Shirt Midi Dress - House Of Fraser - Pale Aesthetic

So I've left my beloved blogging wall! But before we all start crying, I've only abandoned it because it's too far to walk from my incredible, amazing, stunning new flat, and that's a small price to pay to have a flat that I can not longer touch both sides of my lounge simultaneously anymore #LondonProblems. 

Okay, I've just lied, the 'blogging wall' isn't that far away. It's about a two minuets walk away, but that's too far to walk for someone who still isn't comfortable taking pictures of themselves for blog purposes. I spend most of my time in front of the camera
 flapping my arms saying "I don't know what to do", and being told "yep your eyes were closed in that one too". If I had a pound for every time someone said "Gemma's got her eyes closed" after reviewing a group picture, I would have a very sore arm (see what I did there). 

All of that aside, I'm pretty happy with these pictures! This dress is the perfect summer dress, a great balance between smart and casual, and I am obsessed with the back! It's a super lightweight material, so it's safe to say that this has now taken it's place in my wardrobe as a little bit of a summer essential. I actually styled it up about 5 different ways before settling on this one, so let me know if you are interested in seeing more looks! 

Dress* - House Of Fraser // Necklace - Primark // Hat - River Island/DIY // Shoes - Kurt Geiger // Watch - Daniel Wellington 

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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Don't Put Yourself Down, There Are Enough Critics In The World

Don't Put Yourself Down, There Are Enough Critics In The World - Pale Aesthetic

So is anyone else melting? I'm not a fan of sun bathing, I don't tan, and recently I've lost my "skill" of burning after being outside for all of 30 seconds, I'm literally so pale I now just reflect the light. Anyway, here's a little modest summer outfit, obviously culottes are a massive must have right now, and I honestly did a little dance when I spotted this suede look pair.

As I type this I am the happiest I have been in a long time for a number of reasons. I have some exciting adventures coming up, that stem from my sight loss in fear of self promotion. I doubt myself a lot and as a result take the things I enjoy and am passionate for granted. Recently however I've changed my attitude, I've learnt someones opinion doesn't have to define you, and if someone laughs at the things you do from lack of understanding, jealousy or even just to put you down, then so what. I'm not saying these things have necessarily happened, but the fear of them happening has always held me back.

BUT NOW, I am ready to throw myself into the things I love, blogging, youtube, photography and whatever else I decide to turn my hand to. Give myself credit where credit is due, and although I take into account personal improvement and criticism, I want to showcase what I am passionate about and not follow it by "Yeah, there's a lot I would change and make better" or "It's not very good".

I've always admired my brother, he's someone that can paint a wall and sell it as a massive achievement, and I think it's time I start adapting this sort of attitude, because if there's one thing I've learnt in life, it's that modesty doesn't get you very far. On that note, lets not all get arrogant, just don't take your achievements for granted.

Comment below if you can relate, because I know a lot of us are our own worst critics...

Glasses - Topshop // Top - ASOS // Culottes - H&M // Heels - Zara

Monday, 29 June 2015

Packing Up My Life

Off The Shoulder Top - Pale Aesthetic

Off The Shoulder Top - Pale Aesthetic

I'VE MOVED HOUSE! Well... flats. I've spent the past few weeks packing up my life to move into the most incredible flat. I'm still in London but just gone for a fancy little upgrade. During this process I learnt three things; 1) I hate packing with every fibre of my being, 2) I own far too much stuff, but above all, I have some serious muscles! Which well and truly came into play when doing about 50 trips up and down 2 flights of stairs with all my materialistic belongings. I'm talking 10 ikea sized bags of clothing. Yeah, I hate me too.

So here's a picture of a pretty summer outfit (from my mountain of clothing) to go along with this random heat wave. This post was originally called 'So Friggin Cute' because it's the only way I can think to describe this top. Paired with my favourite skirt right now, and my pretty Zara heels, I think I've managed to find the outfit I will be living in this summer.

Minus the fact I have to find a new place to take my pictures, I am going back to posting 3 times a week, so feel free to give me a little follow so you don't miss out on all of the excitement!

P.S. Lets all laugh at how awkwardly I stand and that massive cheesy grin! 

Top - Lilylulufashion // Skirt - Stradivarius // Heels - Zara


Monday, 22 June 2015

You're So Gross

You're So Gross - Pale Aesthetic

You're So Gross - Pale Aesthetic

I am the worst at online shopping, and not in the way my bank balance wishes. In the way that if I see something I like online - whether thats on a blog, a youtube channel on an Instagram - I am straight through that little link, putting in my card details quicker than you can say; "Do you really need that top that says 'Gross' on it in sequins?". The answer to that questions btw, is HELL YEAH! 

Anywho, check me out looking all blogger like. Impractical heels, leather over my shoulder and sunglasses on on a evidently overcast day, sorry if I'm ruining the illusion for you all, but we all know that I'm not exactly at home behind the camera. So feel free to give me a pat on the back or leave me a round of applause in the comments!

Sadly this skirt, (being one of my favourites in my suede obsessive collection) has recently dropped off of the Missguided website, I have however left you some pretty alternatives below, which should fill the khaki midi shaped hole you now feel.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

3 Oily Skin Foundation Reviews - High End & High Street

3 Oily Skin Foundation Reviews - High End & High Street - Pale Aesthetic

I have weird skin. Weird skin for the fact that I don't really get spots and I have a pretty even skin tone, but before you go ahead and hate on me for that, I must add that I do have incredibly oily skin. I'm talking crappy foundation only lasting an hour, and detailed contouring or bronzer on top of that only about half an hour, so because of this reason, I am a huge fan of matte finishes. So the reason I wear foundation is not to cover up but to reduce shine.

I feel like I'm completely alone in this area, as every blog I read and every Youtuber I watch, seems to be desperately looking for high coverage and a dewy glow, neither of which appeals to me. So my hunt is a pretty lonely one, but there must be others like me, so recently I tested 3 foundations; 1 high end, 1 middle ground and 1 high street. All heavly researched and all with the potential to be my new holy grail...

Monday, 8 June 2015

My Celine Bag Dupes

My Celine Bag Dupe - Pale Aesthetic

My Celine Bag Dupe - Pale Aesthetic

My Celine Bag Dupe - Pale Aesthetic

My Celine Bag Dupe - Pale Aesthetic

My Celine Bag Dupe - Pale Aesthetic

I was so excited to post this, for no other reason than the fact that I am completely in love with these bags! The Celine bags, are honestly what I would consider my dream bag. The day I own one of them, will be the day I will have of made it in this world, not to appear completely materialistic and shallow or anything.

I came across these bags at my local shopping centre on a little independent kiosk, and although not my usual shopping scene, I instantly did a double take and ended up buying both at once for only £38! They are such good quality and perfect size for my laptop - as well as the abundance of other stuff I lug around with me on a daily basis - and although I usually hate gold hardware, on this occasion I will make a well deserved exception!

I actually hate handbags. I am well and truly partial to a good clutch, but
 when it comes to the full sized shebang, think I am just far too hung up on designer handbags and feel that the high street just seems to fall incredibly short in that area! Anyone agree?  

(Sorry no links for you today, I think I picked up the only 2 on offer) 

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Monday, 1 June 2015

Summer Suede

Summer Suede

So while I'm busy prepping some pretty Barcelona picture for you all, here's another goofy photo stood up again this brick wall. I promise you I could produce better pictures then this, since I have dreams of working in Shoot Coordination, unfortunately I can't strut the strut and my "photographer' barely knows how to take a picture, so this is as good as it gets right now. Does this make me quirky and relatable?

This is my dream jacket. I'm having a bit of summer suede moment right now, and managed to buy 3 things in this exact fabric and shade in one swift swipe of my bank card, although this may seem slightly excessive, this jacket cost me about £50 (translated from euros) and is the most amazing quality, fit and style! Plus it has silver hardware!! Put a silver zipper something and I'm all over it, because the high street seems to have a massive obsession with gold, and i'm just not feeling old enough yet to lace myself in expensive gold jewels. I'm still over here seeking out the silver (soon to turn green) accessories, and I'm not into mixing my metals, even if it is just a eyelet on my shoe!

Let me know in the comments if you feel my pain...

Suede Jacket - Stradivarius / Denim Skirt - Miss Selfridge / Shirt - As Before / Over The Knee Boots - Ebay / Copper Bag - TK Max
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