Thursday, 10 September 2015

My Chloe Drew Bag Dupe

My Chloe Drew Bag Dupe


I am a sucker for good dupe, so as promised heres my latest little find! These are always my most popular posts, because I think all my readers seem to share the same tight pockets yet love for designer fashion I have! It sometimes sucks being a lover of the fashion industry and a budding stylist/shoot coordinator that's still striving for that massive designer income... sigh.

I know sometimes people get quite annoyed when someone rips off a high end design, but lets all think of it this way... if I was fortunate enough to lead a designer lifestyle, I would 100% buy the real Chloe Drew bag, even with dupes on the market.

Buying a designer bag is buying into a piece of luxury and a label name. You're proud of your arm candy, which signifies your success, and wealth. However there is no denying the huge gap between the high street and high end handbag market, so if you are in love with a piece of design why shouldn't you be able to buy a cheaper copy? At this point you are buying this for a completely different reason, you simply love the design, and understand you are sacrificing the brand image that comes with the 'real' deal. Loving design shouldn't be frown upon, because to me buying a designer bag is more than buying the design.

All that being said... Look at it! After drooling over the Chloe Drew for many many month, I just so happened to come across this for a penny saving £14.45! It has the same chain strap that attaches to the bag by knotting the metal, and the little poll clasp. Unfortunately the little clasp does struggle to stay in place, but the bag doesn't actually need this to stay shut, it's just a lovely piece of design. It obviously lacks the luxury feel and the engraved name of the real deal, but you should expect that with any dupe (if it has the brand name that's when it becomes a fake in my opinion as appose to a dupe). It's also available in red, which I have spent weeks resisting, but if you don't want to resist you can get it here.

My Chloe Drew Bag Dupe



  1. So pretty! I love a good dupe. In fact I love a good replica but I know a lot of people are strongly against that. X

    Sarah |

  2. Lovely bag but more importantly I NEED to know where you got that wee coppery Jeff Koons-style balloon dog from?!

  3. What a great find at such a great price -- you're making me regret buying the real Drew ha ha! It's such a versatile bag though, it's hard to regret ever buying something in such a beautiful shape tho!


    Ashley || Sed Bona


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