Monday, 28 September 2015

That 70s Show

That 70s Show - Outfit - Pale Aesthetic
That 70s Show - Outfit - Pale Aesthetic
That 70s Show - Outfit - Pale Aesthetic

So life has been on fast forward for the past few weeks, it started with the perfect blogger day; with a champaign breakfast at Kettners with the make-up brand T.LeClerc, followed by a photography sesh in hyde park with the lovely Jess from lookwhatIgot (Which, FYI was the first time I have ever had a someone take pictures of me who wasn't forced into doing it.) Followed by ALL THE PIZZA, which was topped off by an afternoon of editing, resulting in these very stylish blog pictures. Thank you very much!

For the first time in my life I am confident enough with my blog to walk up to a random person and be like "Hey, I have an awesome blog, do you wanna check it out?" Like honestly, I wouldn't actually do that but you get the picture. There's still plenty of arm flapping and double chinned grump looking faces behind the scenes of this blog, but I never would of even of considered going to a public place with another blogger and "modelling" my own styling for the a camera before now. If you tried to make me do that a year ago I would of ran away from you, quite literally. But now, I actually have a blog which I feel expresses my personal style and photography! Yipee!

So hey, leaps and bounds are happening around here, so make sure you >> Follow, because Im not done growing here yet!

 Top/Dress - Zara // Denim Skirt - Miss Selfridge // Snake Boots - Faith



  1. Those sun glasses! OH MY.
    I love them.
    Love the whole look.

  2. D'aww how lovely. It was great shooting with you too.


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