Thursday, 13 March 2014

DO NOT USE: John Frieda, Go Blonder, Lightening Spray

Okay so this is a little different from my usual posts, I have had that day from hell today, and a huge part of that is because of this product. I used this last summer, as apart from ombre, I have never really dyed my hair, and after reading about the results people had got from this thought it would be a good way to lighten my hair gradually. Don't get me wrong, it was, for a while anyway, then it went a bit orange. I know it says just for blondes so I expected it, and was still happy was my lighter hair, as I have always hated my almost black hair. 

HOWEVER! I decided to actually get my hair dyed, like properly in a salon, as I have always wanted lighter hair. So I plucked up the courage to make a hair appointment and discovered that...

Because of 'metallic salts' in this product, if a hair dye was to be applied my hair it is very likely to "smoke, burn and break off." I went to 3 different places and the results were the same. Most said they were not insured to dye my hair all because of this product. The second I named this product my consultation was over, they wouldn't touch it. My only option is to wait for it to all grow out, one said at least a year (even after the year since using the product) The others stated that I have to wait for the whole thing to grow out and be cut off! I don't know about you but my hair really doesn't grow that quick, so this is going to take a while, and the news that it's going to have to be cut off before it can be dyed when all I want is long hair is the worst ever.



  1. this product is 10/10 you're just stupid lol

  2. Ah, por favor. Você foi uma pessoa muito teimosa!
    Isso é para cabelos LOIROS e não para cabelos castanhos.
    Fica laranja mesmo... Todo cabelo castanho quando clareia tem a tendencia de ficar com a cor laranja!


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