Sunday, 23 March 2014

Trend Alert: Leather Cap

Leather Cap - eBay
Suede Cap - Forever21

Okay, so I am getting a little carried away with summer planning. I have always been a hat girl, I swear for a while my friends wouldn't even of recognised me without one on, however me and hats have fallen out in recent months and I have been showing off the top of my head for far too long. Enter the leather cap! Who isn't a fan of leather, I walk almost head to toe in leather on a far too regular basis, so why not top off the look!

Imagine a cap with cute curls falling either side, thats me this summer.

If you can't pull off leather, go for suede. I am almost equally obsessed with this look, and suede is seriously lacking from my wardrobe at the moment. My inner child is so happy about this trend remembering my childhood with a simple cap upon my head.

P.S. I think I may also wear it backwards, I hope you are all okay with that #90s



  1. this sudden burst of leather is one of my favorite trends. : ) leather caps look so cool and promising too!


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