Friday, 31 January 2014

Dream Clutch

I am obsessed! I stumbled across this on Instagram and now I am spending my time justifying to myself that I need a about £50 new clutch! I think it may well be worth it considering you buy the outside plastic section (Which you can get engraved with your name) and then there are multiple fabric insides you can buy after for only £10 each, in different colours and slogans, so technically it's a long term investment ;)  They do take like a month to arrive, but I buy from so many wholesale sites that isn't really a problem.

I plan to blog everyday this week as I have been saving up alot to say! Just don't hold your breath as a mountain of uni work is holding me down.


Thursday, 16 January 2014

Officially Presenting

Shirt - Acne(House Of Fraser Clearance)
Skirt - Zara
Necklace - Ebay
All Rings - Primark
Lips - Topshop

So I guess this is my first proper outfit post, so be nice. Its to cold to take pictures outside so my bedroom will have to do and just thought I would mention that my hair isn't blonde, it just appears that way in pictures for some strange reason?

Okay so I received my student loan in NOVEMBER!! but better late then never! So I have had a huge, well deserved splurge. Im usually against spending more then £20 on any singular piece of clothing (All hail the bargain queen) so this is quite an expensive outfit for me! This Acne shirt is the best item I have ever come across, and was only £32 brand new! House Of Fraser Birmingham has the most amazing clearance section full of so many designer pieces, and this was down from £170. I would also like the mention the rings, it was a set of 4 (3 featured) for just £3 defiantly worth a purchase!

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