Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Obsessive Compulsive Shopping Addiction - Autumn Boots


After an intense and quite frankly disappointing bidding war on Ebay over a pair of last years Topshop snake print boots, (Which if you can't guess, I lost) I have been obsessively scouring the internet for a pair of snake print boots.

When I get something in my head that I want but can't have, I become a bit haunted with the idea that I cannot rest until I own it. Whether that's something that's gone out of stock online, losing out on something I wanted on Ebay, or just inventing something in my head that doesn't exist and having the overwhelming desire to track down a dupe to my imaginary product, if I can't have it I want it more. This leads me to do crazy things like keeping the tab open of an out of stock product on my computer for a week constantly refreshing the page hoping that one might just pop back in stock in my size, or spending every evening googling "Snake Print Boots" and continually clicking on every link on the first page, in the hope someone might of invented my dream boots that day. Please say other people do this.

Yes, I literally googled everyday. I wanted ankle boots but ones that came up a bit above your ankle and had the print on the heel too, also they had to be a nice neutral colour so I could wear them with EVERYTHING, and hey presto here we are!

Okay before you contact some sort of therapist for the obsessive compulsive shopping addiction I just described, lets just stare at this little A/W beauties for a while! Faith is not a brand I shop with, and Debenhams is not a store I really venture into but they are perfect. They are soooo comfy, I have worn them none stop and theres not a strain or blister in sight. They are completely true to size and so easy to walk in and you need them... now.



  1. Awesome boots, I'm glad you found them! I totally do the same thing. Usually it's like the bit you said where I invest something in my own imagination and then spend fruitless hours hoping someone will have somehow psychically known this three months earlier and designed it. As you can guess I'm usually disappointed in that. Or I'll see something designer and become obsessed with finding the perfect high street dupe. So this post really made me smile! I am so enjoying your blog, your writing style is very engaging.

    Sarah |

    1. Haha this comment really made me laugh! This is exactly what I mean, more stores need to learn to anticipate exactly what I'm gonna want 3 months down the line, it's a real struggle! Thank you!


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