Friday, 28 August 2015

Neckerchiefs & (K)NeeHighs

Neckerchiefs & KneeHighs - Pale Aesthetic

Neckerchiefs & KneeHighs - Pale Aesthetic

Neckerchiefs & KneeHighs - Pale Aesthetic

I'm gonna start by saying that this is the worlds most comfy dress. It's literally just a massive oversized tee with a matching waist tie, and it has managed to shoot up to my most worn piece of clothing! I got it in a Large because I wanted it to be massive, but take note, it is already over sized so get your actually size because this is huge! I was gonna team with some cute heeled sandals but then weather happened, and it was cold so I chickened out.

SHOUT OUT TO NECKERCHIEFS for being my new obsession! Seriously predicting some strong western vibes this A/W and maybe a little bit of military too.

Fashion part over, lets talk being an adult. At what age would you consider someone grown up? Because I'm pretty sure I am fully grown and all that jazz. I mean I'm independent, got my London pad, buy just as much home ware as I do clothing, yet I can still manage to watch 5 seasons of an hour long tv show in a week. I'm currently toying with the idea of adding this to my CV, because it shows dedication right?  Or is it just me avoiding adult responsibly.

Dress* - ZNU // Neckerchief - Vintage // Boots - Ebay


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