Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Tuesday Wishlist - 70's Vibes

ASOS Wishlist, 70's Vibes

So, I'm a minimal kinda gal, but recently I have been full blown embracing this 70's vibes. When a new stylish era hits the high street, I get a little bit too excited (Shout out to my 2013/14's 90's obsession!) and suddenly loose all sense of my previous style and reinvent myself. Why the hell not!? Fashion is all about having fun and there is nothing funner then rocking up to an event wearing something no one would ever expect you to wear. So for now, my monochrome is in remission, while the warm yellows and earthy oranges take centre stage in my wardrobe.

P.S. ASOS you are killing it right now! You know a stylist is good when you don't just want the one item you're looking at, you need the whole outfit, hence the reason these 3 WHOLE OUTFITS are on my wishlist! 

Shop My Wishlist! (Just don't buy the last size 10's, cheers!)


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