Sunday, 5 July 2015

Don't Put Yourself Down, There Are Enough Critics In The World

Don't Put Yourself Down, There Are Enough Critics In The World - Pale Aesthetic

So is anyone else melting? I'm not a fan of sun bathing, I don't tan, and recently I've lost my "skill" of burning after being outside for all of 30 seconds, I'm literally so pale I now just reflect the light. Anyway, here's a little modest summer outfit, obviously culottes are a massive must have right now, and I honestly did a little dance when I spotted this suede look pair.

As I type this I am the happiest I have been in a long time for a number of reasons. I have some exciting adventures coming up, that stem from my sight loss in fear of self promotion. I doubt myself a lot and as a result take the things I enjoy and am passionate for granted. Recently however I've changed my attitude, I've learnt someones opinion doesn't have to define you, and if someone laughs at the things you do from lack of understanding, jealousy or even just to put you down, then so what. I'm not saying these things have necessarily happened, but the fear of them happening has always held me back.

BUT NOW, I am ready to throw myself into the things I love, blogging, youtube, photography and whatever else I decide to turn my hand to. Give myself credit where credit is due, and although I take into account personal improvement and criticism, I want to showcase what I am passionate about and not follow it by "Yeah, there's a lot I would change and make better" or "It's not very good".

I've always admired my brother, he's someone that can paint a wall and sell it as a massive achievement, and I think it's time I start adapting this sort of attitude, because if there's one thing I've learnt in life, it's that modesty doesn't get you very far. On that note, lets not all get arrogant, just don't take your achievements for granted.

Comment below if you can relate, because I know a lot of us are our own worst critics...

Glasses - Topshop // Top - ASOS // Culottes - H&M // Heels - Zara


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