Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Over The Knee Cold Spring Look

Over The Knee Cold Spring Look -Pale Aesthetic

Over The Knee Cold Spring Look -Pale Aesthetic

Over The Knee Cold Spring Look -Pale Aesthetic

A little transitional outfit for you here. In the U.K. the weather never knows whether it's coming or going, meaning even during spring we have to prepare for the worst. Sometimes that means the sky decides to grace us with an endless stream of rain clouds, other times that means get ready, the entire british summer is coming this week and this week only. Basically you need to stock up on outfits that will stand up against the weathers endless mood swings, although this is a massive woollen jumper, the baggy nature and off the shoulder design means it's actually quite light and airy, and the hat both protects me from rain and shields my eyes from the sun, making this a handy little spring get-up.

I was 100% against the over the knee boots trend, my mind is clearly in the gutter because I still associate them as these tacky, leather, stiletto heel things that a girls wear to advertise their instant availability to men of a less than innocent nature (no hate if you rock them well) but I do like a good pair of cute over the knee socks, and that's what these suede ones remind me of. On top of that the chunky sole makes them far more wearable for me and I feel stylish not slutty.
Jumper - Missguided / Boots - Ebay / Hat - H&M (simular)

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  1. I love the jumper!
    Just followed you, check out my blog

  2. I really get your meaning about over-the-knee boots. A chunky heel with some height is more suitable for me not only because I am petite but I feel a chunkier heels is more my personal preference. I really like your hat. You really styled the jumper well.


    1. Thank you! Yeah I think a lot of people are torn when it comes to the over the knee boot! :)


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