Tuesday, 2 September 2014

OOTD | 10 Downing Street

Dress - H&M
Watch - Daniel Wellington

So for all you bloggers currently obsessing over finding new and unique locations for your outfit posts... how did I do? ;)

So I recently got to visit 10 Downing Street for a business meeting with my new internship. That's one for the bucket list ay, my Nan was well proud! Obviously the hardest thing was deciding what to wear, it's not every day your wondering around the prime ministers house. So a leather was the obvious choice...? I honestly love this dress, well I should say loved this dress**, it's very hard to find work suitable clothes that you actually feel fashionable in, but with the leather panel and racer front top, I brought this without even having work in mind!

**That dainty little slit couldn't quite handle my not so lady like strides and it's now not so dainty and a little bit erotic... Whoopsie.



  1. Such a nice dress, good luck with your internship x

  2. The dress is captivating. I love leather dresses. They are simultaneously edgy yet can also have a classic vibe depending on the style. The slit in your dress is so on-trend right now but it is so true that when wearing slit-dresses and skirts there is an extra precaution that has to be taken to ensure too much is not exposed. My next blog post is about the slit-trend, actually. Congratulations on your internship. I wish you so much success in the role.


    1. Thank you for your comment. Most thoughtful and detail comment I have ever got, very much appreciated! :)


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