Friday, 5 September 2014

My Graduation

Dress - Lispy
Shoes - La Moda
Gown - BCU graduation ;)

So I have officially graduated. 

When I was 9 years old I decided I wanted to study fashion design at university, fast forward 12 years and that dream finally came true, when I graduated on Monday with a degree in Fashion Design and Fashion Communication. Who would of thought that something I decided in year 5 of primary school would stick.

I wanted something bright to wear under my gown, and I have always been a complete sucker for yellow! This dress is from Lispy, a place I never actually shop, but fit me like a dream... 4 months ago that is! When I re-tried it on just 5 says before my graduation, a combination of deadline bingeing, italian food and moving house take-aways meant it was far too small! Thanks to my amazing, eat nothing my fruit and veg, 5 day diet (patient pending) I actually managed it.

The shoes, although not the most elegant were a wise choice, as the long walk across the graduation stage, is defiantly one I thought I would mess up. The last thing any gal wants is to end up face first in a heap on a very public and important stage!


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