Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Shopping in Milan

^^ This is a shopping centre, why are ours not this pretty ^^

Top - Zara
Skirt - Bershaka
Sandals - Birkenstocks
Backpack - Grafea
Necklace - OVS

Okay so the reason I like to write about trends and carefully stage pretty pictures is that my awkward little face wasn't cut out to be a main feature, but unfortunately it's presence on my blog is going to be at large this week, with some holiday outfits.

The first stop in my traveling extravaganza of an Italian holiday was Milan. Now as you can gather from the title of my blog, me and sun don't exactly go hand in hand and at 34 degrees, there was no other option then an all white minimal outfit. Watch the Birkenstocks and Grafea bag appear in every post in the next week, as to keep costs down I travelled with only hand luggage, therefore interchangeable and versatile items became my best friends.

So Milan was amazing, the flat we stayed in was a little maisonette found on airbnb which is the best site in the world for flats around the world. It was only a short tram ride from the centre, where my dream of shopping in milan came true.

Check back for posts on Venice, Florence, Rome and Sorrento.


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