Thursday, 21 August 2014

My Hopeless Obsession

Bottom Left - Ramona Suspender
Bottom Middle - Carrie Knickers
Bottom Right - Alison Bamboo G String

I recently have a new found underwear obsession, because knowing you have hot matching underwear on under your clothes just makes you feel so much more confident, regardless of the fact its not on show, right?

Introducing Hopeless Lingerie. There are no words for how perfect this is, as its all so simple, yet oh so unique. Black is defiantly to most sexy and practical colour underwear to own. I love how various harnesses and bralette could be worn above clothing to add a unique twist, or even just peeping out the top of a shirt or low rise trousers. Everything is handmade to order and you have a chance to customise if you want, the delivery time is long, but there to ensure the high quality, and as I order alot of clothing from american or Chinese websites, I don't really mind the wait. 


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