Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Topshop Show Space | LFW DAY 3

So first of all, yes I skipped a day, although I spent the entire day around Somerset House, I wasn't dressed to impress (I did notice 3 other people wearing the same fur as me #OnTrend) and I ended up having a massive panic attack and going home asap, so all in all, a pretty lame day. 

Day 3 was a lot better and was spend doing a tad bit of celebrity spotting at the Tate. If I am completely honest I suck at celebrity trivia, I care little for the likes of Kim, Kayne and there stupidly named offspring. Nevertheless, I did get rather giddy at the sights of Cara Delevingne & Jordan Dunn! 

Outfit wise, this is pretty basic, with a prediction of rain and another day of freezing my arse off in the heart of London, I opted for as many warm layers as possible, which of course means my trusty 'Acne' jumper. Also, not gonna lie, I have in fact taken the application of dry shampoo one step too far this day, meaning the hat wasn't actually an accessory but a necessity. I'm wearing my favourite Zara trousers that I pretty much live in, (to the point where if I was a cartoon character these would be part of my never changing costume) and a beige coat draped over my shoulders in true blogger style.



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