Monday, 1 December 2014

My November Favourites

Okay, I'm feeling inspired.

I have just got back from a blogging event, and although I was there for work and not personal gain, its given me a bit of confidence, and although I am looking to explore the Youtube world asap, I have decided to bring my blog out of hibernation. 

Anyway these are some of my all time favourite things. Products I keep coming back to time and time again so I thought I would do a little post for you. 

These Zara perfumes smell amazing and are super cheap! I prefer the oriental over foral as it has more an expensive smell (a.k.a. doesn't smell like a £10 high street product) and isn't too over powering. My all time favourite perfume is Miss Dior but at £50 a bottle these one tend to enter my shopping basket a lot more frequently.

My Daniel Wellington watch is on my wrist everyday, I feel lost without it. I put off getting one for so long because I really didn't think I would use it as I have my iPhone in my hand 24/7, but its turned out to be so much more handy then I thought (pardon the pun) I always find myself looking at my wrist and feeling shocked when its not there.

When I find a brand I like, I stick to it. So this is now my third bottle of Mac studio fix foundation, I have quite oily skin so I always use it with a powder, but I love the finish. I would love to try some others (any suggestions?) but as Its made the repurchase list many times, Its also made this one. 

This last item is a newish one. Lets first get this straight, I am not a reality TV fan, and the Kardashians are at the bottom of my list of people I am interested in, however social media has made me very aware of the Kylie Jenner lip, and this was something that made it's way into my make-up bag because of it (Mac, Brave).


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