Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Birkenstock Requirement

If you are not planning on getting a pair of these for summer then I  think you may be breaking some kind of law. The only reason I haven't got a pair yet is because I cannot for the life of me decided between white or black #firstworldproblems. Who else had a pair of these when they were about 12?

A fair few places are charging the big bucks for these, even ebay are selling some for almost £60. Missguided did have a pair for around £20 but I was too slow off the mark and they sold out before I had a chance to get them. I checked out this site fashionchick.co.uk which brings together a variety of brands on one site. These sites are always great when you are at loose end for more shops to try when after a specific thing! Why did I not know about this when my fussy house mate was dragging me around endless shops to find the perfect pair of trainers for about a month!   


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  1. ah that picture of miranda kerr has made me want to buy them even more! id go for black if i were u but only because im too clumsy to wear white things ;)


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