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Hey, I'm Gemma.

Welcome to my little blog, it's just started to fun it's feet and I am so in love with it right now. If you're all about that minimal meets 70s lifestyle then stick around, you'll fit right in. I've also kicked off my youtube channel, so if you don't fancy a read, skip on over to there with a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Collaboration Opportunity 

PR friendly over here *raising hands emoji* Open to collaborations on my youtube channel and/or blog, however only if you're relevant to my subbys and don't start the email "Hey Pale".  

ALSO you may not know this but I am also a photography & stylist (like actually in my real offline life), So I'm here for any London based bloggers who want some outfit shots done or brands looking for Instagram content creators.  


Any items marked with a * were gifted to me to feature on my blog. I choose all items I feature myself, so don't worry I won't mislead you with ugly clothing/products! This blog sometimes uses affiliate links, which if you don't know, means that if you click a link on my blog I might get a few pennies, and if you buy something I might get a few pounds (I'm not down playing those figures, it's not much) however it is of no extra cost to you, just the companies are like "cheers for providing the influence for someone to buy this thing girl, we got you, get yourself some popcorn or something"


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